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Fairfield Pet Detective

Finding Lost Pets in Maine

Up to 8 million animals end up in shelters, though not all of these are strays, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Of stray animals that are brought to a shelter, up to 30 percent of dogs are eventually returned to their owner, while only about 5 percent of cats make it home. For frantic owners of a missing pet, there's a good reason to call a professional. Up to 50 percent of all unclaimed pets are euthanized, according to the Humane Society. And it's not only runaway canines that get tracked.

In traditional Search and Rescue work, trained search dogs sniff out missing people following each person's distinctive scent. It is no different with lost pet detection work. Each pet has a unique smell, just like humans. Training a dog to find a lost pet is all about the nose.

Should you need to hire a pet detective, it’s essential that you have something with your pet’s scent. “Always have a scent article of your pet on hand. Hopefully, you will never need this, but should your pet ever get lost with no sightings, and a tracking dog is needed, you will need an article that smells like your pet, and your pet only.”

While some pet investigative businesses charge for services ranging from tracking to trapping, many are entirely volunteer based. Right now, Fairfield Pet Detective is a volunteer. Depending on where in Maine your lost pet may be, we may, however, ask for travel money.

Apparently, there are scammers out there using social media and websites like Craig's List to steal money from unsuspecting people who are experiencing the trauma of having lost a pet.  These scammers ask for money up front, before even meeting you or giving you the necessary information about how to find your lost pet.

If you are looking for Fairfield, make sure you call 207 751 5893 and talk to Loretta to set an appointment to meet.  Right now we are not charging anything but travel money and meals. So anyone asking for money is most likely a scam using our good name to fleece you of your dignity.

Finding Lost Pets in Maine

We are a purely voluntary team right now.  We may in the future charge for a search, but right now we find satisfaction in helping others.

Our purpose is to help find a lost pet service with heart, timeliness and instructive.

There are many ways to find a lost pet, this is but one way. In most of the cases we have read about, this way is generally done last after all other efforts have failed.  We feel that this is the wrong way to find a missing pet.  The trail gets rained out, mixed with other animals scent and the time spent even finding where the animal is in present time is lengthy.  

Try us first, along with all the other ways to find your pet.  You won't be disappointed.

If you have lost a pet and would like Fairfield to assist in finding that pet

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